RingCentral vs Fonality

Plano, TX-headquartered Fonality is a developer and marketer of cloud-based business phone system solutions for starting, growing, and established businesses; much like RingCentral. Founded in 2004, the company offers VoIP services and contact center solutions for businesses of different types and sizes.

Phone Featuresspacerspacerringcentral-business-phonespacerringcentral-vs-fonality
Monthly Fee$19.99$29.99
Activation FeeFreeContact Support
International NumbersNoNo
Free TrialYesNo
Voicemail by EmailYesYes
Internet FaxYesNo
Answering RulesYesNo

RingCentral vs Fonality: Business Phone System Plans and Pricing

Fonality plays host to a variety of productivity-enhancing telephony. The company clustered these services into several groups, based on the resources used to run the system.

Fonality isn’t upfront with its pricing; so for the purpose of comparison, it would be best to pit Fonality’s Enterprise Edition against RingCentral Office side-by-side. Fonality Enterprise Edition costs around $29.99 each month, which is more expensive compared to RingCentral Office’s $19.99 per line. In addition to this, Fonality charges an average of $30 per extension (plus $2 to the base price if you have virtual extensions) for unlimited plans, while RingCentral’s pricing can go as low as $19.99 if you have many users. If base price is an issue, this is clearly an easy win for RingCentral.

RingCentral vs Fonality: Getting Started

Since Fonality offers its customers flexibility in its plans and pricing, services will probably need to be customized based on your exact specifications. Because of this, setup and deployment can be a bit confusing and may take a little while. It also doesn’t have extensive and definitive guides available online, so you’ll need to depend on the configurations and modifications as handled by their tech experts. Meanwhile you can start using and customizing your RingCentral account as soon as you’ve finished registering because it doesn’t just give you automatic access to a user-friendly dashboard; it has excellent online customer support resources too.

Speaking of support, it’s another weakness that Fonality has. If something goes haywire with your system after installation, you won’t be able to contact them, say, in the wee hours of the night because their tech support hours are eight-to-five—normal office time. You need to wait for the next working day to reach them (unless it’s a critical emergency). Online troubleshooting options are offered; but that can still be difficult without expert assistance. That’s why RingCentral offers 24/7 customer service.

RingCentral vs Fonality: Phone System Feature Comparison
RingCentral business phone system vs Fonality
Both RingCentral and Fonality offer full-featured business phone system solutions with multiple options and tiers for setups and configurations. Both companies offer the bells and whistles which growing and established businesses ask for in an enterprise phone system without the costly overhead expenses. But, as with anything, it is in the little details where you’ll see how one can be better than the other. RingCentral trumps Fonality because:

  • Fonality binds subscribers to a one-year contract
  • Fonality charges an additional $15 to have a virtual room or conference bridge
  • Fonality’s toll free minutes are charged at $5 plus an additional $0.029 cents per minute; whereas RingCentral has a great number of toll free minutes included in each subscription
  • Fonality doesn’t support BlackBerry devices
  • Fonality only offers paperless faxing, unlike RingCentral which supports both physical and virtual fax exchanges

RingCentral vs Fonality: The Bottom Line

Both companies have had great features that are well-discussed by movers and shakers in the VoIP and PBX community. But RingCentral business phone system already has the numbers and has established a pretty good track record for vastly improving VoIP telephony. Comparatively, Fonality is still a greenhorn has a long way to go.