RingCentral vs Avaya IP Office

Avaya IP Office is Avaya’s answer to the growing market for IP communications that RingCentral is currently taking by storm. Basking Ridge, NJ-based Avaya has failed to tap the smaller end of the market until recently.

Phone Featuresspacerspacerringcentral-business-phonespacerringcentral-vs-avaya-ip-office
Monthly Fee$19.99$1500
Activation FeeFreeCall for a Quote
International NumbersNoNo
Free TrialYesNo
Voicemail by EmailYesYes
Internet FaxYesNo
Answering RulesYesNo

RingCentral vs Avaya IP Office: Business Phone System Plans and Pricing

Avaya offers five basic plans, namely, IP Office Basic Edition, IP Office Essential Edition, IP Office Preferred Edition, IP Office Server Edition, and IP Office Advanced Edition. Each offer builds on the features of the previous edition. People have to take note that Avaya doesn’t want to disclose much about the pricing, and it’s probably doing this to preserve the business model. Upon making an inquiry, you’ll probably be forwarded to their third-party vendors or services that administer Avaya installations. In contrast, RingCentral business phone system has outrageously reasonable pricing plans that can go as low as $19.99 per month per user, which already includes all the basic features you’d need in a business phone without any activation fees or contracts required, with no hidden charges.

RingCentral vs Avaya IP Office: Getting Started
Since Avaya is a big name provider that offers products not solely focused on cloud-based business phone systems, you have to go through vendors to acquire the system. Its products also require professional installation administered by an expert (or probably a team of experts), since the process requires knowledge of not just the product but also computer networking. With RingCentral, setup is a breeze – even you can set up the system on your own, provided that you have the account details and the plug-and-play IP phones as well as other necessary devices. If you don’t want to go through these hassles, RingCentral also has a dedicated, top-notch team of professionals to help you get started – from sales to installation to after sales support or troubleshooting.

RingCentral vs Avaya IP Office: Business Phone System Feature Comparison
Business Phone System Reviews - RingCentral vs Avaya IP Office
As a business owner or manager, you’re the one responsible for deciding what’s right for your organization. RingCentral ticks all the right boxes for your enterprise with its highly scalable and flexible suite of solutions.

Here are more reasons why you should choose it’s phone system over Avaya.

  • Simplicity runs on the DNA of RingCentral. With its frills-free products and services, you’ll get more work done; you don’t have to dig through layers and layers of settings to manage or reconfigure your system.
  • Avaya wasn’t focused on IP telephony for smaller and growing businesses initially, so some users might get intimidated by its complicated infrastructure, whose backbone is based on older phone systems.
  • Avaya doesn’t have a dedicated customer and technical support center for its products; you have to get help from third party operators. RingCentral’s 24/7 support team is in-house, and this ultimately puts you in good hands because you’re guaranteed expert product assistance.

RingCentral vs Avaya IP Office: The Bottom Line

Both RingCentral and Avaya offer innovations for starting, growing, and established businesses. However, RingCentral offers the better solution for your business phone system needs because of its extended features, user-friendly management systems, and less expensive packages. RingCentral proves to be the better choice, especially when it comes to issues of mobility and efficiency—whether you’re just managing a four-person organization, or running a full-blown sales center.