RingCentral vs Google Voice

Mountain View, CA search giant Google made its foray into the virtual phone system market in 2009 with a service called Google Voice. RingCentral phone system differs from this platform in the sense that the former is designed for individual users, while the former is much more ideal for business users or entrepreneurs.

RingCentral vs Google Voice: Phone System Plans and Pricing

Google Voice offers free local numbers to US residents. Currently, domestic and outbound calls to the US (including Hawaii and Alaska) and Canada are free of charge while international calls come with corresponding rates. Of course, RingCentral is a premium service that uses several resources in order to deliver far more outstanding features so charges that come with all subscription plans is expected.

RingCentral vs Google Voice: Getting Started
One thing that users must understand about Google Voice is that ownership of everything that goes through the service automatically belongs to Google. All your information, as well as the messages and calls which go through your Google Voice account, become properties of Google. It is also for this reason that the service only works best for individuals and not for businesses. With RingCentral, you can guarantee that all the communication and information that passes through the company’s platform are kept safe and private through secure servers.

RingCentral vs Google Voice: Business Phone System Feature Comparison

RingCentral Business Phone System vs Google VoiceBeing a top-tier business-class provider, RingCentral obviously offers more business communications capabilities than Google Voice like business phone numbers, call management features, voice mailboxes, and Internet fax, among many others. You won’t get such exciting features from a service as limited as Google Voice because, as they say, you get no more than what you pay for.

• Google Voice only gives you a local number, while RingCentral can offer local numbers as well as toll free numbers.
• RingCentral can be reached 24/7 if you’re having trouble with the service through its excellent customer support channels, which even extend to social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and others. Meanwhile, Google Voice can only extend a hand through its online forums.

RingCentral Phone System vs Google Voice: The Bottom Line
RingCentral is hands-down the clear winner when compared to a solution like Google Voice. Even if Google Voice is a well-loved service under the umbrella of a big-name brand and has the distinct advantage of being free, it still lacks functionalities and features ideal for offices or businesses of all sizes. With RingCentral phone system, you get all these things and more, without having to put a dent in your wallet.