RingCentral Business Phone System Review

In 2003, RingCentral started to change the world. At the time, there were only a handful of cloud-based business phone system providers catering to small and mid-sized businesses. RingCentral’s business phone services and offerings disrupted this, and the company easily redefined a landscape where only enterprise-level phone system providers and carriers reigned supreme.

Today, RingCentral has gone upmarket, and has even challenged and won over some familiar names in business-class communications. Because of this success, a lot of companies have followed suit, with each offering different feature sets and phone service options.

The dynamic and ever-growing B2B market is filled with innumerable options; but as with anything, choosing a business phone system provider should always boil down to what would fit an organization’s needs and specifications. This time around, RingCentral makes it easier by pitting itself against several business phone providers to help potential clients come to a decision on which provider’s services should be acquired.

Phone Featuresringcentral-business-phoneringcentral-vs-fonalityringcentral-vs-mitel-anywhereringcentral-vs-nextivaringcentral-vs-jive-communicationsringcentral-vs-8x8ringcentral-vs-avaya-ip-officeringcentral vs grasshopper
Monthly Fee$19.99$29.99 $24.99$19.95$19.95$24.99$1500$24
Activation FeeFreeFreeFreeFreeFreeCall for a QuoteNo
International NumbersNoNoYesYesNoYes @$9.99/moNoNo
Free TrialYesNoNoNoNoYesNoNo-30 Days Money Back Guarantee
Voicemail by EmailYesYesYesYesNoYesYesYes
Internet FaxYesNo$4.95/month/lineNoYesYesNoYes
Answering RulesYesNoNoNoNoYesNoYes

Pros and Cons of RingCentral Business Phone System

ringcentral business phone system

RingCentral Phone System: Is It Really Useful or Simply Over-Rated

High-quality communication system can bring huge profit to the business. It offers easy communication between employees, partners and customers. The buyers and service seekers can better communicate with the service providers and get immediate support for their requirements and issues. For a long time businesses have used traditional phone systems. Old business telephone system was quite complicated, expensive and ineffective. Today’s business owners can get rid of that system and switch to new RingCentral phone system. It is less complicated, more sophisticated and useful for all types’ and size’s businesses.

The RingCentral Business Phone System

It is a pioneering cloud phone system that was awarded for its innovative approach of making business communication easier. Quite easy to set up and operate, RingCentral Phone System was awarded as the best Communications Software Award in 2015. It requires only one phone solution and all the business associates like the owner, investor, customer, employees and clients can get connected with each other. It offers services like making calls, organizing online meetings and business conferences. RingCentral operates on cloud technology and thus it doesn’t require physical communication arrangements. Ultimately, it cuts cost of establishing a bulky phone system with multiple hardware and tools.

It is a better alternative of traditional business in many ways. The business owners save a lot of money that they spend on installing telephone system, cable and maintenance of whole telephone system. People want such solutions because they want to invest amount in more productive works and save extra cost of maintaining basic procedures of the business. RingCentral Phone System doesn’t compromise with the quality of the communication. It operates well and provides high-quality communication between two or more parties.

Why Should You Switch to RingCentral Business Phone System?

Many individuals may ask that why should I switch to this phone system, while I’m already using a fine working communication system? The simplest reason of switching to RingCentral Phone System is ease of use, multiple features and very reasonable cost for all.

  • It is user-friendly and comprehensible – The users don’t not need any special training, they can understand and use the RingCentral Phone System easily. It is a user-friendly phone system that can operate without physical hardware. It is a kind of virtual phone system and functions in the same way as normal phone system. Your customers contact you in the same traditional way, but RingCentral offers you a facility of receiving calls on any device you want. It is not necessary to be inside the office, when customers or clients call you and that’s what makes this phone system better and more convenient for a business.It takes only a few minutes in set-up and getting started. All you need to do is completing the sign-up process in suggested way and then you can set up the phone system yourself quickly and get it started. The user can select any service plan offered by RingCentral Phone System. It provides a number of toll-free numbers and business phone numbers. You can select any suitable number and then receive all the business calls on that number. This phone system offers web support to personalize the features. It will be quite easy to do because RingCentral’s web portal comprises user-friendly tools to manage the phone system.
  • All sorts’ businesses can afford RingCentral Phone System – Large business organizations can afford any type of business telephone system regardless of its cost. They want high-quality solutions for their communication demands and RingCentral Phone System provides that. The best aspect of this phone system is its affordability. Service providers have kept it quite simple and very reasonable so that small business owners can plan for installing RingCentral in their business.Even small business owners need effective communication system so that they can have uninterrupted communication with the clients and buyers. It charges monthly for the services you use. You don’t pay any set-up cost or activation charges, like many other VoIP systems charge. You pay only for the service you get through RingCentral Phone System. There are two payment options. Either you can pay monthly or take annual subscription, which is quite beneficial in our view. RingCentral reduces the cost of all three subscription plans for the users, who take annual subscription. Most of the users have chosen annual plans due to huge discount they get in it.

Available Subscription Plans:

RingCentral Phone system offers 3 different subscription plans.

  1. The Pro Plan – The first plan is known as the Pro Plan. You pay $12.99 for each month when you get the annual subscription. You will have to pay $22.99, if you use this plan on monthly subscription. You get 300 minute’s calling in which you can make local and international calls for free. Once the limit of 300 minutes is over, every call is charged with 4.9cents/minute.
  2. The ProPlus Plan – It is probably the most chosen plan of RingCentral Phone System. You pay $19.99 every month for the annual subscription and $29.99 for monthly subscription. This plan offers 5 extensions along with 1,000 local and international minutes. It is probably the best plan for any type of small business. The charges for extra minutes are 4.4cents/minute.
  3. The ProPower Plan – It can be the best plan for you, if your organization can afford it. You pay $24.99/month for annual subscription and $39.99 for monthly subscription. This plan includes ten extensions with 2,000 local and international calls and 1000 toll-free calls. You can use all the services and features of RingCentral Phone System with this plan.

RingCentral Business Phone System Features:

By evaluating the features, convenience of use and the cost, we can say that RingCentral Phone System is a beneficial cloud phone system for any business. It as a broad range of features coupled with modern technique. Main features include:

  • Provides hosted PBX service for the business.
  • Auto-Receptionist to treat the clients and customer in the best way.
  • Flexible phone menu that links all the employees to the self-service access.
  • User template creation facility through which you can use batch configurations to various users and reduce time taken for repetitive process.
  • You can access the call reports of all the calls made and received by the users in your company.
  • Call monitoring and extensions.
  • Music on hold.